Absolute Nutrition Motivational Video Challenge – $500 – Open to All – Due May 1, 2012

Posted on 6:58 am in Cash Contests, May 2012 by Lynnie

Create the best and most creative and motivational video on the planet! We want you to dig deep down in that crazy brain of yours, and pull out ALL of the energy, inspiration, and motivation that you feel will drive someone to accomplish whatever goal or task may be ahead of them! We want THE MOST upbeat and inspiring creation that you can possibly develop! The results are limitless, well, almost limitless.


1) Reply to the video on Youtube with YOUR Original video (must be valid submission, from your own username)

2) Video MUST contain the Absolute Nutrition logo at some point in the video for a period of 5 seconds or greater. Use of logo is permitted for the period of the contest ONLY and for no other use beyond your video submission. Image may be found at Facebook.com/AbsoluteNutrition in the Logo Album.

3)By submitting, you confirm this is an original creation of or by yourself, solely created for this contest submission. Videos must be produced AFTER this contest was announced!

4)Videos must be at least 2 minutes in length, and be a combination of both video and audio. Videos should begin with actual content, not credits, color bars or countdowns.

5)Using copyrighted material is discouraged, and may be against Youtube’s Terms of Service. Any and all video footage and audio not of your own creation, should be cited as to the owner of the content.

6)Videos should not contain any nudity or excess of vulgar language. Those not complying with this will not be considered valid submissions.

7)All videos are subject to review, and the winner shall be decided by Absolute Nutrition and it’s constituents.

8)All video submissions for this contest will become the property of Absolute Nutrition upon entry.

9)Submissions are due by May 1st at Midnight Standard Central Time. Final judging will occur and be announced the following week on May 8th at 2pm!


No age restriction listed

Judging Criteria

All videos are subject to review, and the winner shall be decided by Absolute Nutrition and it’s constituents.



Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below.