The Season of Your Life – $2,000 x 5 – Over 14 yo – Due January 14, 2013

Posted on 8:57 am in January 2013, Over $1000, Over 14 by Lynnie

Bombo Sports is putting together a groundbreaking film that will capture the story of the 2012 Detroit Lions season through the eyes of the fan. We want to see and hear your stories; game-day rituals, superstitions, traditions, rants, and memories as the 2012 season plays out the highs the lows, in real time.


• Video must be under 4 minutes and must treat one of the themes. Submit separate entries for each theme if you like. Each entry has a 4-minute limit. You can use the same fan(s) for each theme or different fans for each. There awards for each of the themes.
• All music, images, video footage and other content must be either originally produced by the filmmaker submitting the video, or proper permissions must be authorized by the copyright owner. Proper permissions must include the right for the filmmaker to use the content commercially. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the filmmaker to ensure that all permissions are in place for use of actors’ likenesses.
• Because “The Season of Your Life” is produced in association with The Detroit Lions, use of NFL marks and likenesses is acceptable. If you have questions about NFL usage, please head to the forums, or email
• There are awards for each of the 5 categories,(Roots, Rules & Rituals, I Gotta Be Me, Thanksgiving Day, and Catharsis,) and you are encouraged to submit content for all five.
Formats h264, mpg, mp4, wmv, avi, mov
Codecs h264, mpg, mp4, wmv, avi
Ratio 4:3, 16:9
Max length 240 seconds
Max size 95MB


You must be at least 14 years of age to (a) register and create an account on the Contest Site. (follow contest link)

Judging Criteria

To award the “Client Awards” a judging panel comprised of Lions officials will review all eligible entries/videos based on the following criteria: compelling story (25%), authenticity (25%), capturing the spirit of the brief (25%), strength of character (25%). The decisions of the judging panel shall determine the winners of “Client Awards.”


1st Place “Roots” – $2,000
2nd Place “Roots” – $1,000
3rd Place “Roots” – $500
1st Place “Rules & Rituals” – $2,000
2nd Place “Rules & Rituals” – $1,000
3rd Place “Rules & Rituals” – $500
1st Place “I Gotta Be Me” – $2,000
2nd Place “I Gotta Be Me” – $1,000
3rd Place “I Gotta Be Me” – $500
1st Place “Thanksgiving” – $2,000

2nd Place “Thanksgiving” – $1,000
3rd Place “Thanksgiving” – $500
1st Place “Catharsis” – $2,000
2nd Place “Catharsis” – $1,000
3rd Place “Catharsis” – $500

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below.