Old El Paso – The Crave Campaign – $10,000 – Over 14 yo – Due April 20, 2012

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Old El Paso Mexican food is here with a challenge for you. It’s time to test your skills at tempting and tantalizing. It’s time to make the most appetizing, mouth-watering, delicious ad you’ve ever made in your life. When people see and hear your ad, they’ll want to reach into the TV or their computer and grab that delicious Old El Paso Mexican meal to serve up right then and there. After seeing one of your ads, of all the meal options in the world, the Old El Paso Mexican meal will be the most crave-able!

Old El Paso is on a mission to make the best tasting Mexican food. They offer a wide variety of delicious products ranging from crunchy taco shells and soft tortillas to creamy refried beans, bold seasoning and flavorful sauces of the highest quality. Through their tasty products and delicious Mexican food ideas, they bring inspiration back to the weekday dinner routine so that everyone comes running to the table.


• Video ads must be 15 secs exactly
• Must include visuals and/or verbal description of highly hedonic (craveable) Mexican food. For your convenience, some photos and graphics are available in the materials downloads to use, though you are welcome to create your own.
• Must use Old El Paso logo available in Materials downloads, and include a tagline of your own creation
• Each person featured in your submission must fill out the release form in the materials downloads, and email it to support@zooppa.com at time of upload. Please include “Old El Paso Release Forms” in the subject line and include the title of your piece and your username in the body of email
• *Video files/formats listed in tech requirements are acceptable for upload to Zooppa and viewing. Winner(s) will be asked to supply “Uncompressed QT” or ProRes to ensure final deliverable is “broadcast ready”*

Create a 15 second video ad and/or a rich content banner ad that drives home the message that Old El Paso is the most crave-able meal. Make your ads exuberant, creative, passionate, and down-to-earth.

1: Pick one of the below two themes:
• “Old El Paso Mexican night is about much more than the food. From the fresh ingredients to the variety of textures and color, and the lively rhythm that takes over your kitchen… everyone seasons, chops, stirs and digs into the flavorful experience around the table. Embrace all that’s fresh and vibrant about Mexican food with Old El Paso.” •
• “There is just something irresistible about Mexican food. You can almost taste the bold Mexican flavor long before taking that first bite, and the more you think about it, the hungrier you get. Only Old El Paso provides exactly what you need to satisfy your craving.”
2: Support your choice of theme with one or more of the following “reasons to believe”
• The Quality: Old El Paso’s mission is to make the best tasting, highest quality Mexican food. Their seasoning now has an improved blend of Mexican spices, their refried beans are now tastier and have the perfect texture with more whole beans, and they’ve transformed the tortillas. And the Old El Paso mission continues…
• 100′s of Inspirational Food Ideas: Feel like you’re making the same old thing night after night? Old El Paso can help with a little bit of inspiration. Only Old El Paso offers delicious Mexican food ideas that turn ordinary chicken or beef into an extraordinary Mexican meal. From double-layer tacos to chile-chicken quesadillas, you can find hundreds of craveable Mexican food ideas on OldElPaso.com.
• Vast Product Portfolio: The Old El Paso Mexican product line is your one-stop shop to get what you need to make Mexican happen tonight. From crisp taco shells and soft tortillas to the sauces and sides that complete the meal, Old El Paso has it all.
3: Create a tagline that best captures the spirit of craving Old El Paso


Over 14 years old.

Judging Criteria

You are encouraged to submit both types of media for both of the themes. Make a campaign out of it! We’d love to see how you adapt each of the themes to the two different media types. The possibility is there for you to win all of the prizes! There are special awards for the best submission for each theme in each media category. Check out the awards section for details.

We’re looking for broadcast quality content, so pay close attention to your production values, and use top-notch picture quality, lighting and sound.
To award the “Client Awards” a judging panel comprised of Old El Paso representatives will review all eligible entries/videos based on the following criteria: strength of message and linkage to brand (50%), production value (25%), creativity in messaging (25%). The decisions of the judging panel shall determine the winners of “Client Awards.” This is a skill based contest and chance plays no part in the determination of winners.


1st Place Client Award – $10,000
2nd Place Client Award – $6,000
3rd Place Client Award – $3,000
4th Place Client Award – $1,000
5th Place Client Award – $500
6th Place Client Award – $500

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below.