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AT&T Video Contest – $8,000 and trip – Over 16 yo – Due May 28, 2012

AT&T is coming back to Cannes, and you really don’t want to miss out on meeting fellow filmmakers and having dinner on the beach as the sun sets on the Mediterranean Sea.

To get your place in the sunshine, AT&T would like you to explore the many different ways we can communicate with each other. Think of all the important moments that we share, and the confusion that can arise when communication goes wrong. Or the joy it can bring when it goes right, or a timely message saves the day.


We accept avi, mpg, mov, wmv, mp4 and m4v extensions. Neither height nor width can be odd numerically (eg dimensions of 1023 x 768 should not be used because 1023 is an odd number). Do not export any black borders and we prefer 16:9 aspect ratio but will accept other ratios. The video frame rate (fps) is not important but bear in mind the intended use – if the brand intends to display on TV then they will prefer 30fps.
Due May 28, 2012


Over the age of 16 at the date of entry. (All Users of the age 16 to 18 must have permission of an adult who will receive any prizes or remuneration on their behalf)

Judging Criteria

The judges will review all approved videos and will use their own pre-arranged system to rate the videos according to how well they meet the brief, their originality and how well the message is communicated. There may also be additional criteria.

Judging will be fair and all approved videos will be considered.

For Ad competitions video submissions that do not meet the brief entirely but which show creative thinking, good production values and which impress the judges will be accepted.


Grand Prize
• $8,000
• Round trip travel for two people to Cannes with three nights hotel accommodation
2nd Prize
• $4,000
3rd Prize
• $2,000
4th Prize
• $1,000
5th Prize
• $1,000

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below.

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