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Aids is Going to Lose – $40,000 – Open to all – Due October 29, 2012

Posted on Oct 17 2012 in October 2012, Open To All, Over $25000 by Lynnie


AIDS is going to lose. Around the globe, there is a feeling of momentum surrounding the fight against HIV/AIDS. Recent scientific gains have been cause for unprecedented optimism. Equally important, we have seen the success that comes from spreading information. At Chevron, AIDS is personal to us. Our company is based in the San Francisco [...]

The Over the Top Delicious Video Project – $25,000 – Over 18 yo – Due October 22, 2012

Posted on Oct 15 2012 in October 2012, Over $25000, Over 18 by Lynnie


I can’t believe it’s not Butter! has been delighting and entertaining women in the U.S. since the ‘80s. I can’t believe it’s not Butter! became famous for its extravagant tales of delicious “romance.” There were some super suave ads featuring the unforgettable Fabio and his glorious, flowing mane. There was “Will and Grace” star Megan [...]

Doritos Crash the Superbowl – $1,000,000 – Over 18 yo – Due November 16, 2012

Posted on Oct 12 2012 in November 2012, Over $25000, Over 18 by Lynnie


The great Super Bowl ad-venture is back. This year, if you make a DORITOS ad you might see it air on the Super Bowl and win not just $1 Million but a prize that’s twice as explosive: a gig with high-octane Hollywood hit-maker Michael Bay on Transformers 4. Not only that, we’re helping you harness [...]

PlayStation LittleBigPlanet Karting Video Contest – $25,000 and trip – Over 18 yo – Due October 8, 2012

Posted on Sep 20 2012 in October 2012, Over $25000, Over 18 by Lynnie


LittleBigPlanet™ Karting Video Contest: Take a ride through the world’s imagination.  LittleBigPlanet™ is one of the most loved and popular PlayStation franchises. Based on the themes of Play, Create, Share users love it because they can create their own levels, where the only limit is their imagination. Now, you are invited to free your imagination [...]

Energy Vision Prizes Contest – $40,000 x 3 – Over 18 yo – EXTENDED December 14, 2012

Posted on Sep 17 2012 in October 2012, Over $25000, Over 18 by Lynnie


The Energy Visions Prize will reward media projects that have a public impact on U.S. energy: videos that feature engaging stories and compelling visuals about America’s home-grown clean energy – natural gas, renewables and biofuels – and apps that enable the production or use of clean energy innovations. Prizes worth a total of $250,000 are [...]

AEI’s 2012 Video Contest – $40,000 – Over 13 yo – Due September 4, 2012

Posted on Jul 13 2012 in Over $25000, Over 13, September 2012 by Lynnie


The American Enterprise Institute is serious about reinvigorating America’s spirit of free enterprise. Big ambitions require big promotions, which is why AEI is proud to announce a $50,000 video contest, “Make the Moral Case for Free Enterprise,” to unleash the market’s creative potential. We’re calling on everyone who loves America’s system of free enterprise to [...]

Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart – $25,000 scholarship – Students Only – Due June 22, 2012

Posted on May 1 2012 in June 2012, Over $25000, Over 16 by Lynnie


Bridgestone’s Teens Drive Smart Video Contest is a teen driving safety initiative in its sixth year with new and exciting changes. They’re asking 16 – 21 year olds to submit an original video 25 or 55 seconds in length promoting safe driving.

BDC Young Entrepreneur Award 2012 – $100,000 Canadian – 18 to 35 yo – Due April 8, 2012

Posted on Mar 14 2012 in April 2012, Over $25000 by Lynnie


At BDC, we believe that innovation can help entrepreneurs succeed in an increasingly competitive world. That’s why we have created this award to recognize, encourage and support young entrepreneurs who put innovation at the heart of their business strategy. We’re asking Canadian entrepreneurs aged 18 – 35 (as of December 31, 2011) to submit plans [...]

Your Film Festival – $500,000 grant – Over 18 yo – Due March 31, 2012

Posted on Mar 1 2012 in March 2012, Over $25000, Over 18 by Lynnie


This is Your Film Festival. You have until March 31st to submit a short, story-driven video. There’s no entry fee. It can be any format – short film, web-series episode, TV pilot – and any genre. In June, audiences around the world will vote, sending 10 deserving storytellers to open the 2012 Venice Film Festival [...]

This is Retail Nationwide Video Contest – $25,000 – Over 18 yo – Due March 16, 2012

Posted on Feb 28 2012 in March 2012, Over $25000, Over 18 by Lynnie


Retail careers are as varied as the tens of millions of people in our industry. From marketing gurus creating the best holiday ads to tech geniuses designing the latest “must-have” items and small business owners who are at the heart of their local communities, the opportunities in retail are endless. And, retail supports one in [...]

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