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Zooppa Wholly Quacamole – $10,000 – 14 yo and over – up to 60 seconds – due July 29,2011

Posted on Jul 29 2011 in July 2011, Over $10000, Over 13 by Lynnie

9119Wholly Quac

In the world of guacamole, there are those who think that if you didn’t mash the avocado yourself, your guacamole is junk. We call these people “Guac Snobs”. Guac Snobs don’t believe that it’s possible to find a guac-in-a-box that is as good as guacamole they mash themselves. It’s the Guac Snobs vs The Guac [...]

Summer by Bravo – Trip to NY – 21 yo – 60 sec – due July 20, 2011

Posted on Jul 20 2011 in July 2011, Over 21, Prize Contests by Lynnie


What’s your favorite Bravo moment? Want a chance to star in a video with your friends on Watch What Happens Live?

blu Viral Video Contest – $10,000 – over 18 yo – any length – due July 17th, 2011

Posted on Jul 17 2011 in July 2011, Over $10000, Over 18, Voting by Lynnie


Gather up your biggest, baddest, boldest ideas about blu and capture them on video. Pursue any angle you wish. This is your chance to be at your imaginative best, so buck up, flex your creative muscle and unleash your artistic genius. There is no purchase necessary to enter.

Portal 2 Music Video Contest – Eastwood Guitar – open to all – length of song – due July 15, 2011

Posted on Jul 15 2011 in July 2011, Open To All, Prize Contests by Lynnie


Sharp-eared music fans will have already found the haunting track Exile Vilify by The National in Portal 2. Clearly Rat Man is a big fan of the song, based on some of the art decorating the walls of his dens. But as any museum fan can tell you, there’s nothing a fancypants painting can say that [...]

Michigan Virtual School Video Contest – IPad 2 – Michigan Virtual School students – max 2 minutes – due July 13, 2011

Posted on Jul 13 2011 in July 2011, Prize Contests, Students Only by Lynnie


At the Michigan Virtual School, the goal is to help change lives for the better. If they’ve done that for you, they want to hear about it! Shoot a short (two-minute maximum) video explaining how online learning has made a difference in your life; the video with the most votes on the Facebook page at [...]

Poptent Experian ProtectMyID – $9,000 – 18yo – 30 seconds – due July 12, 2011

Posted on Jul 12 2011 in July 2011, Over $5000, Over 18 by Lynnie


Identity theft is complex and personal. At Experian®, they are here to help. Experian is a global provider of data, financial analytics and marketing services. ProtectMyID™ is a part of Experian, and proud to be Experian’s most comprehensive identity and fraud protection product. ProtectMyID helps you go beyond what you could ever do on your [...]

I Choose Oakland – Trip for 2 – 18 yo – 3 min – due July 10, 2011

Posted on Jul 10 2011 in July 2011, Over 18, Prize Contests by Lynnie


You live here. Or you own a business here. Show the world why you choose Oakland.

Sour Punch “How Far Would You Go” Video Contest – $5,000 – US citizens 18yo – up to 3 minutes – due July 10, 2011

Posted on Jul 10 2011 in July 2011, Over $5000, Over 18 by Lynnie

9020am licorice

American Licorice Company, one of the original licorice manufacturers in the US candy industry, announces the launch of the “How Far Would You Go” for Sour Punch® video contest, where contestants are asked to show what extremes they’re willing to go to for their Sour Punch® Candy. The video contest adds another layer to the [...]

Poptent Land Rover Pre-Owned – $7500×2 – 18yo – 60 seconds – Due July 6, 2011

Posted on Jul 6 2011 in July 2011, Over $5000, Over 18 by Lynnie


Land Rover is an iconic brand that makes vehicles that inspire people through beauty, capability, design, sophistication, technology, compassion, community and the general spirit of adventure. With a rich heritage of being the vehicle that can go anywhere, do anything and fit within any surrounding, Land Rover vehicles are by far the best off-road vehicles [...]

Poptent – – $7,500 – 18yo – under 60 seconds – July 5, 2011

Posted on Jul 5 2011 in July 2011, Over $5000, Over 18 by Lynnie

8961poptent 4

Did you know that Poptent is the world leader in crowdsourced video production? They have recently begun to communicate their capabilities and showcase Poptent community work through their “client-facing” website, Poptent Media ( They need their own commercial for the site – and for other marketing uses — and they want you to make it. [...]

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