Mountain Dew - $10,000 - 18yo - 45 to 120 seconds - Due January 31, 2011

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Create a TV style 45-120 second TV ad for Mountain Dew!


Mountain Dew is exhilaration in a bottle. When that exhilaration cannot be contained it releases with a force and power that is explosive and dynamic! Next year we’re releasing an all-new look for Mountain Dewcalled ‘Uncontainable’ featuring Mountain Dew literally exploding out of the bottle.We think our drinkers embody this same energetic and explosive spirit. These guys want to break free from social norms & challenge life on their own terms – and Dew is the brand that fuels their self-expression. We want to create an ad that Dew Dudes will love and want topass on to their mates. It needs to be exhilarating andunexpected with real Dew attitude!

GET:Young active males (16-21-year-olds – bull’s-eye target17-year-olds)

TO:Break out of convention and unleash their inner‘uncontainable exhilaration’

BY: Showing them that the Dew exhilaration cannot becontained – Do the Dew!


Judging Criteria


Be Bold. Be Disruptive. Be Exhilarating.


There are three elements that will make a great Dew ad.Thrill Seeking: An adventure situationExtreme Situation: Risky but not careless!Humor: Funny…but not slap-your-knee funny!


Grand Prize

A trip for two to the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
Round trip travel for two (2) people to Barcelona with 3 nights hotel accommodation
Exclusive screening event of your video at the MOFILM awards night in Barcelona


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


4th Prize


5th Prize


Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below.