Bonafont With the Power of Water – 5,000 euros or equivalent – Open to all – Due May 3, 2012

Posted on 8:52 am in May 2012, Open To All, Over $5000 by Lynnie

We generally know that water is good for us and our body needs to stay hydrated. However, people lack motivation to get into the habit of drinking adequate amounts of water everyday. This is especially so due to our busy lifestyles with different responsibilities in the day, thus, drinking water is not considered as a priority. Consequently, we don’t really appreciate the power of water: it can eliminate the toxins that our body doesn’t need.


Create an engaging video/animation to tell the story of “water eliminating the toxins that your body doesn’t need”. Surprise women with the power of water and convince them to participate in “Experiencia 15 – Bonafont”.
Format: video or animation 30 – 45 seconds.
Technical guidelines

Accepted formats are: *.mov;*.avi;*.mpg;*.mpeg; *.flv;*.wmv;*.3gp;*.mp4;*.vob;*.avs;*.mts;*.m2ts
Size: 640×480 minimum, 25 images per second
Encoding: MPEG 4, H/264, XVID, Quicktime.
Video: 400 kb/s minimum
Audio encoding: MP3
Upload end time 05/03/2012


Minors wishing to participate must present a signed waiver from a parent/legal guardian.
The Eyeka Website is the only way of submitting Submissions to the Contest. Submissions transmitted by any other mean shall be void.

Judging Criteria

aestheticism, originality, composition, framing, consistency with the guidelines of the Contest.


• #1 Prize 5,000€ or equivalent
• #2 Prize 3,000€ or equivalent
• #3 Prize 2,000€ or equivalent

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below.