Pizza Hut - $7,500 - 18yo - 30/90 seconds - Due April 10, 2011

Posted on 3:07 am in April 2011, Cash Contests, Over $5000, Over 18 by Giordany

For over 50 years, Pizza Hut has dominated the pizza category, leading in innovation with their groundbreaking new products.

And now there is another new and exciting Pizza Hut innovation about to be launched. To help support this launch, Pizza Hut is looking for awe inspiring, innovative and revolutionary videos. Your video should grab attention, surprise and stick with the viewer while pushing the envelope for the brand to create content that begs to be shared.


The next generation of e-commerce is alla bout mobile! Pizza Hut took the lead with the first in category iPhone app in 2009, generating over $10mm in revenue and over 2mm downloads. Now the brand is taking it to a whole new level with the next generation iPhone ap and the first in category apps for iPad and Android.

The new apps offer the full menu, personalization, easy checkout and the most fun way to order, taking full advantage of the touch screen functionality and high quality visuals available to the devices.

Your video should be 30-90 seconds long. The intended use will be for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Want to be part of the excitement? Then consider registering to participate. The creative brief has all the details. We can guarantee it will be a fun assignment.


18 years or older.

Judging Criteria

This video should make customers feel like there is no better way to order pizza than with one of Pizza Hut’s new breakthrough apps. Consumers will want their friends to know that they ordered the cool way…calling is for the birds! This video should have a true pass along quality to it. Views should immediately want to share it with their friends.


Pizza Hut will select at least one video for use and pay its creator a one-­‐time fee of $7,500. Poptent will also award five Editors’ Choice awards, a top award of $500 plus four other awards of $250 each, a total of $1,500.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below.