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What Does Intel Mean to You? – $7,000 – Over 18 yo – Due April 24, 2012

Was an Intel processor instrumental in helping you realize a piece of art, video or music? Is your laptop or home computer indispensable when it comes to getting you through your daily life?

The fact that we have devices in our homes that can do things once reserved for machines that took up entire rooms is due much in part to Intel and it’s micro technology. The explosion of creativity that we see emanating from the comfort of peoples living rooms has been made possible by the technology that Intel has put into its tiny chips. Intel makes possible what was only dreamed of before.

Intel is passionate about technology and innovation. And we know you are as well. Show us what the Intel brand means to you and what you think it stands for.


• You must be 18 or older to submit to this contest. There must not be any images of anyone in your submission who is 17 or younger.
• If your country does not allow cash prizes, a prize equal in value to the cash prize will be awarded to you.
• Each person featured in your submission must fill out the release form in the materials downloads, and email it to at time of upload. Include contest title, username and title of submission in email.
• Submissions must be in English.
Formats asf, avi, dvd, flv, mp4, psp, mjpeg, mov, mpeg, mpegts, mpeg2video, rm, svcd, vcd, vob, 3gp, 3g2 Codecs flv, huffyuv, h264, h263, mjpeg, mpeg1video, mpeg2video, mpeg4, qtrle, rv20, svq3, wmv1, wmv2, xvid Ratio 4:3, 16:9 Max length 60 seconds Max size 50MB


You must be 18 or older to submit to this contest.

Judging Criteria

To award the “Client Awards” a judging panel comprised of Intel representatives will review all eligible entries/videos based on the following criteria: Brand promise stands out (50%), production value (25%), creativity in messaging (25%). The decisions of the judging panel shall determine the winners of “Client Awards.” This is a skill based contest and chance plays no part in the determination of winners.


1st Place Client Award – $7,000
2nd Place Client Award – $4,000
3rd Place Client Award – $2,000
4th Place Client Award – $1,000
5th Place Client Award – $500
6th Place Client Award – $500
7th Place Client Award – $500
8th Place Client Award – $500

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below.

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