What’s the Most Amazing, Fearless Thing You’ve Ever Done – $15,000 – Over 18 yo – Due March 29, 2012

Posted on 9:15 am in March 2012, Over $10000, Over 18 by Lynnie

It’s simple really: At Garnier Fructis, they understand that everyone has his or her own beauty, and they make hair care products that let it shine through. They believe in beauty as a form of self-expression, and they believe that true self-expression is fearless.


Garnier Fructis is looking for 30-60 second videos targeting the millennial audience that answer the question: What’s the most amazing, fearless thing you have ever done – or would like to do?
Deadline: March 29th, 2012


Over 18 years old.

Judging Criteria

They are looking for stories of fearlessness, told fearlessly. Remember, fearless runs the gamut from asking someone to dance to surfing your first wave. It’s all in the way the story’s told.

Ultimately, your objective will be to tell a story of fearlessness that:
• Re-energizes brand awareness
• Connects/associates Garnier Fructis with what’s strong, vibrant, healthy and audacious


• Guaranteed 2 purchases of $7,500

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below.